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Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)©


The Life Coaching Course and Professional Service Niche

for Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Redesigners,

Professional Organizers, Life Coaches, and Wellness Professionals





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An Unprecedented Opportunity for You

Become a Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)©



Help Others While Doing What You Love

and Increasing Your Current Sales


Give Customers a Fabulous Service with Value-Based Pricing

They Will Absolutely Resonate with


Build Amazing Long-Term Relationships,

Repeat Sales, and Quality Leads & Referrals



Grow YOUR Business Within the Next 30 Days!

Add a Substantial Increase to Almost Every Sale





The Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)© Training equips you to bring the client through an important personal development journey and a very specific process of personal reflection and assessment to help them create lives of empowerment, enrichment, and personal success.




Become a Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)©


Are You Looking for a REAL Competitive Edge, A Way to Ensure Success in Your Interior Design, Decorating, Organizing, Wellness, or Coaching Business?


Are You Seeking a Complimentary Service or Stand-Alone Niche with High Profits & High Demand?


Do You Want an Easy Way to Enter This Niche, and Someone to Quickly Show You How, with Great Tools, Forms, and Marketing Materials that are Already Done for You? 


Do You Want to Significantly Grow YOUR Business (Even from Scratch) Within the Next 30 Days?


Do You Want to Offer Packages That Practically Sell Themselves, are Very Profitable for You & Enormously Valued by Your Clients?


Do You Want to Get Away From Pricing That's Tied to Products & Services, & Move to the Prosperous Place of Intrinsic Value-Based Pricing That Customers Absolutely Resonate With, Trust, are Drawn to, and Require for Long-Term Relationships?


Do You Want to Add Substantial Value to Your Existing Offerings, and Create High Demand You and Your Services, Where Clients Actually Seek YOU Out?


Do You Want a Niche To Add to Your Existing Menu of Offerings, That Will Stir Up Curiosity and Interest, and  Generate an Enormous Buzz About YOU, the Person to do Business With?


Do You Want to Find a Marketing Goldmine and a Beneficial Service That Clients and Prospects Are Intensely Drawn to, One That Will Make You Money?


Do You Want to Help Others in Astonishingly Meaningful Ways You Were Not Able to Before?



Help People Create Interior Environments

That Inspire and Empower Them.


Help Them Reach Personal Goals Through

Supportive and Purposeful Home Environments.


Significantly Grow YOUR Business

Add a Substantial Increase to Almost Every Sale!



Become a

Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)©







Margo is the best. She's an incredible and patient teacher. And, she over-delivers on everything.

As an interior designer, I've always known that merely "making pretty" was not enough. It goes so much deeper than that.

CIEC allowed it to all come together for me. While I had sort of been using this approach in my design work, I lacked a system. Call it a blueprint or paint-by-number.

Margo and her CIEC program allowed me to bring it all together under one umbrella and it has not only enriched my service for clients, but it defines me as unique in my profession. What it allows me to say is: "I don't do just interior design, I change lives."

Margo also teaches something crucial to success. She covers all aspects of the business side. One can't be successful without it, and this is something a lot of coaches do not do or, at least, not in such great detail as Margo does. She leaves no stone unturned.

I have had several coaches, but Margo DeGange ranks at the top. I feel blessed to have her mentorship.

In closing, Margo made it all easy. I was feeling overwhelmed at first as to how I would tie coaching and interior design together successfully. No worries. As I said, she made it easy and I knew and continue to know she's just an email or phone call away if I need her help.

Very sincerely,

Nancy Meadows,
Nancy Meadows Interior Design & Consulting

Kirkland, Washington




 Help Change Lives for the Better!


The home environment can become a powerful motivator for individuals seeking to grow personally and professional. Get in on a groundbreaking coaching service that

 Interior Decorators, Design Professionals, Life Coaches,

and Wellness Professionals can offer to clients



Everything Has Been Done for You. Just Take the Course & Get Started Coaching!


All of Your Assessments, Agreements, Systems, How To's & Coaching Blueprints are Included in the Certified Interior Environment Coaching© Course, so You Can Start Interior Environment Coaching© Right Away!

PLUS, Your VERY Detailed Marketing Blueprint is Included in the Optional Part-2 Companion Course.


An Exciting, Fulfilling & Interesting Way to Make Money While Helping People Connect Meaningfully to Their Lives, Homes, & Personal & Work Environments


Help Others Create Productive & Empowering Environments that Support Their Best Lives


Gain a Powerful Sense of Personal Contribution & Accomplishment


Make the Kind of Money You Know you Deserve


Greatly Improve Your Coaching, Wellness, Consulting, or Interior Design Business


Enjoy a Career of Freedom & Flexibility Without Being Tied Down to a Conventional Business


Run Your Business from Anywhere in the World


Coach by Internet, by Phone, or Face-to-Face


Enjoy a Career with Clientele Eagerly Awaiting Your Services


Put Your Knowledge, Experience & Personal Style to Work for You to Make a Significant Difference for Others


Guide Clients to Create Their Most Meaningful & Exciting Lives Ever


Get Certified & Help individuals & Business Owners Change Their Lives Through Your Interior Environment Coaching Services


Total Ongoing Business Support Saves You Time & Provides You With Fantastic, Up-to-Date Tools & Resources to Make Running Your Business Enjoyable & Easy!





Margo DeGange is one of the most consciously positive coaches that I know. I have had the great fortune to work with her during my certification as an Interior Environment Coach. Margo is fun to work with, easy to know and a joy to learn from. I recommend Margo DeGange for any coaching or business venture, without hesitation."

Sherry Burton Ways, Principal
Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC
Washington, DC 20002



Research has suggested over and over again that there is now, like never before, a prominent and real need—and rich markets— for niche services that involve the human component. This same research indicates that it is the creative, right-brained thinkers who will deliver such services and therefore thrive as we move in to the near future. Right brain thinking is NEEDED!

In this changing world, the things that cannot be price-shopped or copied by the masses are Right-Brained Skills.

These include the ability to:

• Interact with others through focused, interpersonal communication
• See the big picture
• Help people see and voice where they are and what they want

• Help individuals plan environments for exceptional lifestyles, peak productivity and creative and full living

• Help people create plans of action for enriched personal development
• Think creatively to help individuals find valuable solutions for a better life
• Be intuitive and empathize with others
• Put conceptual pieces or parts together to create a meaningful whole
• Help substantially improve quality of living for others

People today are hungry for meaning and they want their homes to be a springboard for life enrichment and full, personal development. They want to create interiors where they can thrive, and spaces that will allow them to tap into their true selves and authentic giftings. They want the home to support them in becoming their most productive and expressive selves.

Certified Interior Environment Coaches (CIEC's)© help individuals to visualize how they want to live their lives and how the home environment can be structured to support their most fulfilling lifestyle. The Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)© helps individuals assess their personal development needs and goals, and then offers specifications of how the interior environment must be set up so that these needs and goals will be supported and their potential realized. This must happen BEFORE any design or decorating takes place, or before they visit with a design professional (unless you are both the Interior Environment Coach and the design professional).

Creating a thriving interior environment will include many factors, and the Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)© will bring the client through a process of home planning and that allows for special interest areas, work stations, and creative spaces, and which incorporates into the environment key design elements that can have an emotional and psychological effect on the client’s well-being and productivity both within the home and outside of it. Elements and principles such as color, fragrance, organization, creativity spaces, lighting, and even music are looked at in new and innovative ways to strategically and systematically produce an ideal home environment for the client.



Margo!  I am really impressed at how much work you have put into systematizing this. I have so many ideas about how to use this with other tools that I have acquired.

Lisa White
Breckenridge, CO


The role of the Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)©  is to focus on coaching to facilitate the client’s self-development and personal-empowerment. The focus is NOT simply on aesthetics or interior design. Coaching sessions help clients to get to the heart of what they must have within their homes to support the way they want to live and the way they want to develop themselves both inside and outside of the home. ONLY then can the interior decorating and design begin.

Certified Interior Environment Coaching (CIEC)©  can stand as a service by itself, or it can be combined with a design-related career, a wellness career, or a coaching career.

For design professionals, after the coaching sessions with the client take place, the coach can then help facilitate the actual interior design and decorating (or that can be done throughout and in-between coaching sessions). As decorators and designers, we have the opportunity and the potential to become the best life coaches in the industry because of our understanding of the home.

Wellness and life coaching professionals can simply focus on the coaching itself, expanding into additional coaching sessions (we show you how), and the design consultation can be delegated to a local design professional.

A GOLDEN Opportunity:  Becoming a Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)©  requires focused, specific training to understand the process that you will bring a client through to achieve their own personal preferences and desires for an


There is a high demand for this type of coaching with homewoners, yet no one is providing it. The need is there but there are few leaders to help clients in this way. This groundbreaking  market niche is truly an answer to what many homeowners are saying they desperately want and need.

If you are a design professional, wellness professional, color consultant,  or life coach who is seeking a more meaningful connection with clients and a deeper connection to your work, then consider this exciting and innovative coaching niche, Certified Interior Environment Coaching (CIEC)© .  It will give you a true competitive advantage while bringing you joy and meaning from your work.

Cost of the course is just $597 if you pay in 1 payment (great savings)  

Gain a competitive edge in your coaching or design industry

Become a Certified Interior Environment Coach©!



THE Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC) COURSE:

Learn by video, with interactivity and assignments to help you master each skill. Download your sessions immediately after you register. The course is taught in 5 sessions, approximately 1.5 hours each. The course content includes some business and marketing components and includes 1 PERSONAL BUSINESS COACHING PHONE SESSION to help you in your business. CIEC Course Cost: 1 Payment of $597(or pay it out-- options available below).


BEST VALUE- CIEC COURSE- 1 Payment of $597





Optional CIEC  Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course (AKA Business Support )

A MUST to get your CIEC business into high gear with extra business and marketing support specifically for Certified Interior Environment Coaches©!  This is an valuable 12-part marketing course that will put your business in high gear FAST! 





Last night I had an hour and a half coaching call with Margo DeGange in regards to The Certified Interior Environment Coaching program. Margo was so enlightening, not only about the questions I had about the program but about how to improve my existing business. I felt empowered by the end of the call, and on track. I look forward to speaking to her again, her wisdom on running a business and reaching your target are brilliant.

Stacey Sexton- NJ Certified Interior Designer, ASID
The Budget Minded Designer
Oakhurst, NJ




Purchase the CIEC  Fast-Start Marketing now when you sign up for the course, and save $100. You get rich content and targeted marketing and business support that goes right along with the CIEC training (offered ONLY to CIEC registrants). This CIEC  Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course features 12 video sessions (approximately 1 hour each) guiding you through all of the business and marketing components to have a THRIVING coaching business.



  • How to gain quality leads

  • How to market ingeniously for this specific niche

  • What to do and say when you network

  • How to say what you do in a powerful short phrase that gets leads

  • How to price your services so they are easy and profitable to sell

  • How to build packages

  • How to create a menu of desirable companion services

  • How to make additional money add-ons tied to this niche

  • How to gain clients through simple and strategic speaking

  • How to make money through fun activities

  • A FREE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION that you can use to market your business

  • 3 full months of phone and email support whenever you need it!

  • SO MUCH MORE!  MANY more tools!

CIEC 12- Part Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course (AKA Business Support ):

1 Payment of $297 when you purchase the CIEC COURSE

(or pay it out-- options available below).


BEST VALUE- CIEC COURSE + 12-Part Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course-

1 Payment of $894 ($597 + $297)


Discover how to turn help homeowners become empowered with how they live both inside the home and outside of it. Help them see how they can grow personally and professionally by how they use their home. Help improve quality of living for individuals who are seeking more than simply interior decorating or aesthetic design. 




Sign Up Now!

And Get Started on a

New and Meaningful  Life and Business Path!



for VIP Pricing!




CIEC Course Cost: 1 Payment of $597 (regularly $1293)

(or pay it out-- options available below).


CIEC Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course

(AKA Business Support):

1 Payment of $297 (regularly $399)

(or pay it out-- options available below).



Get certified as a coach in this groundbreaking niche.

Help meet the need and demand in a fast growing market.
Download your course videos, assessments, tools, and files immediately.






for VIP Pricing!

Ends Soon


     BEST VALUE- CIEC COURSE- 1 Payment of $597 (reg. $1293)

    BEST VALUE- CIEC COURSE + 12-Part Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course-

    1 Payment of $894 ($597 + $297)


     SAVE- CIEC COURSE- 3 Monthly Payments of $218 each

    SAVE- CIEC COURSE + 12-Part Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course-

    3 Monthly Payments of $327 ($218 + $109)


    CIEC COURSE-  6 Monthly Payments of $115 each

    CIEC COURSE + 12-Part Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course-

    6 Monthly Payments of $173 ($115 + $58)


     12-Part CIEC Fast-Start Marketing Companion Course-

     1 Payment of $399

    (for Certified Interior Environment Coaches who have previously taken the CIEC Course)


Not Convinced? Need to Know More?


Learn How Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC)© Will Bring You REAL CLIENTS and Improve YOUR Business?  Listen to this full length audio session of an actual Certified Interior Environment Coach and Author of "Feel Good Spaces",  sharing the amazing experience she had with one of her clients!


To Your Coaching Success,





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